Acrylics, Watercolour & Gouache Mediums

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Matisse - Acrylic Mediums


Drying Retarder slows drying to give more working time.

Impasto Medium builds high relief. Mix with paint or use on its own and paint over when dry.

Surface Tension Breaker is also known as Flow Medium - for airbrush, calligraphy & watercolour techniques. It helps in blending wet into wet techniques.

Gel Medium builds up Hi-gloss, 3 dimensional relief. Also use as a glaze. Dries clear. 

Matt Medium reduces gloss levels giving a gouache effect.

Mat Gel Medium remains mat while providing texture & adhesion.

Spreader Medium is a transparent flowing paste that increases the workability of glazes & washes.

Painting Medium is pure acrylic binder that can be used in place of water. It is also the binder for powdered pigments if you want to make your own paints. MORE PAINTING - Powder Pigments.

Matisse Fabric Fixative makes colours permanent on most fabrics after heat setting.

Faux Finish & Marbling Gel is also known as Scumbling Glaze. Use with stencils, sponges combs etc

Water Based Patina gives an antique effects. It is also good for glazes.

SEE - Water Based Printmaking - Relief & Screen Printing - Derivan / Matisse for Matisse Print Paste Medium, which when mixed with Matisse colours, gives a brilliant transparent print when screen printing. It slows drying time & extends the colour.

Iridescent Medium adds iridescent sheen. Use over light or dark undercoat for different effects.

Open Medium allows paint to be blended on the painting surface for longer. It allows re-working.

Derivan Crackling Medium lets you produce works that have an antique charm. The medium is sandwiched between two layers of different coloured Matisse Background Paint. 

Mediums Black Book - Reference book on how to use the mediums.

About Matisse Acrylic Varnishes   


Polymer Based varnishes are flexible and non-yellowing. They dry completely clear. They are excellent for large artworks. Matt, satin & gloss.


(Please Note I have left out polyurethane varnishes as they are only for rigid surfaces).

About Matisse Turps Based Varnishes 


For artists seeking the best longevity for their work - either paintings or exterior murals - On your finished artwork apply 1 - 2 coats of water-based varnish then, when thoroughly dry, apply a coat of removable solvent based varnish to finish the work. Using a removable varnish allows it to be cleaned off with mineral turpentine which has very little effect on the acrylic painting, so the painting can be cleaned & re-varnished without affecting the acrylic paint. It is also called Retouch Varnish. Matt, satin & high gloss.

Conservation Varnish works the same but has UV inhibitors added as well. It is removable & Non-yellowing.

Schmincke - Horadam Aquarell Watercolour Mediums

Aqua Granulation Spray is ready to use - spray into the wet areas. The pigments will quickly flocculate. This medium creates a granulation effect on ALL Aquarell colours. Some colours in the range are already granulating - this medium will intensify the effect. The atomised spray is fine so it is easy to treat a small area within the painting.The effect depends on the painting surface - for example, there will be less effect on absorbent surfaces that aren't primed or sized correctly.

Masking Fluid is a removable mask especially for fine details. Available in colourless or blue.

Oxgall is a purified, natural wetting agent for degreasing surfaces to be painted with gouache or watercolour. In small amounts it increases flow. It is invaluable for crackle varnish & marbling techniques.

Liquid Frisket is a masking fluid to cover those parts of the design you want to leave free of colour. Available colourless or blue

Aqua Primer provides an even surface. May be tinted with acrylics, gouache or watercolours. Apply at least 3 layers. Sanding will improve the surface. Wait until dry before beginning to paint with watercolours.

Gum Arabic is a natural wetting agent which improves flow. Dilute the product with a little water & mix with watercolours separately or on the palette. Use sparingly. Shake well before use. Close immediately after use. Do not use directly from the bottle as it will cause thick brittles films.

Watercolour Ground Transparent allows watercolour painting on grease free surfaces such as canvas, boards & wood. It forms an even matt, elastic and age resistant film. Can be tinted with watercolours, gouache or acrylics.

Art Spectrum  - Watercolour Mediums

Gum Arabic is the binder for watercolours. It helps keep diluted watercolours from sinking below absorbent surfaces. It gives a crisp appearance to edges, increases transparency & gloss and controls spread when overpainting wet on wet. Do not apply directly from the bottle as it will form thick brittle films.

Ox Gall Synthetic is a wetting agent. A drop or two into water then applied to the paper as a wash gives extra flow & good adhesion. It also cleans the surface, prior to painting, by removing greasy areas.

Masking Fluid is painted over an area that you wish to keep free of colour. The dried solution is then peeled off leaving the surface beneath untouched. 

Winsor & Newton - Watercolour Mediums

W & N Texture Medium - Gives the impression of depth and structure.
W & N Masking Fluid - Rubber/Latex/pigment liquid for masking when colour is applied in broad washes. For best results, remove as soon as possible. Brush can be cleaned with water immediately after use.
Permanent Masking Fluid - Makes masked areas of paper resistant to water. Ideal for isolating areas of fine detail. It is not removable.

Colourless Masking Fluid - Designed for soft sized papers to avoid staining. Use as normal masking fluid above.
Blending Medium - Slows the drying rate allowing more blending time. It is very useful in hot climates.
Aquapasto - A transparent gel that gives a bodied effect to watercolour & gouache. Mix with watercolours to thicken the wash. Aquapasto washes will not into each other so they are ideal for clouds or multi-coloured areas. 

Granulation medium - Gives a mottled or granular effect.
Iridescent Medium - Adds pearlescent sheen.
Gum Arabic - Slows down the drying time, adds further transparency & increases gloss in watercolours. Gum arabic washes will have greater depth & appear more luminous. It can be mixed with the paint or added to the jar of water. It should not be used straight from the bottle as it will form thick brittle films.
Ox Gall - Is a wetting agent that improves flow. It is also used on very hard sized papers to reduce surface tension.
Lifting Preparation - Allows dried washes, including staining colours to be more easily lifted from paper with a wet sponge or brush.

Schmincke - Horadam Gouache Mediums

Schmincke Aqua Primer - Provides an even surface for watercolour & gouache painting. Apply at least 3 layers & start painting once it is dry.

Schmincke Watercolour Ground Transparent - Is a transparent primer that can be over-painted or tinted beforehand with gouache colours.

Schmincke Gum Arabic - Is a natural wetting agent for watercolours & gouache which improves flow.Use sparingly.