Surfaces - Mixed Media

About Canvas & Linen

  • Canvas is a blanket term for any material used to support a painting. The common types are 100% cotton, 100% Linen, Polyester Cotton & Polyester Linen.

  • Linen is made from flax fibre, strong & durable but more expensive. The threads that are woven to make linen are less prone to expansion & contraction due to moisture. Linen holds its stretched shape better than cotton.

  • Cotton canvas, when properly prepared is considered too flexible for very large paintings. Cotton can be stretched tighter than linen without straining the wood support.

I have not included stretched canvases as there is little chance they will arrive in good condition by courier. SEE BELOW for - Birch Wood Panels for a more durable alternative to canvas.


About Birch Wood Panels

  • Birch wood panels do not need framing as they have a 41 mm deep cradle on the back making hanging easy. The front & sides are sanded for a smooth painting surface.

  • Large gallery sizes of birch wood painting panels ( over 1 metre ), can be custom made by Art Tree Creations 0439 326 333. There is a minimum purchase of 6 for sizes over 1 x 1 metre. They can be delivered by courier to your door.