Solarfast, Cyanotype + Light Sensitive Mediums

Jacquard Solarfast Dyes use sunlight to create permanent photographs, shadow prints & ombres on fabric & paper. Anything you place on the painted surface to block the light will create a printed impression within minutes. Create patterns by using objects to cast shadows or use film negative to create permanent photos. Apply the dye using a brush & while still damp expose to sunlight. Exposure times differ with each colour. Solarfast cleans up with water. Solarfast is also great for painting, screen printing & stamping as there is no heat setting required. The dye leaves fabric soft to the touch. On paper, it has zero relief & will not affect the texture at all, making it an exciting tool for mixed media. For use on all natural fibres - linen, silk, cotton, hemp, wood & rag papers.

Solarfast Film - is ideal for creating prints on a variety of surfaces & material. By using an inkjet printed image onto the film, it can then be used as a negative to expose the Solarfast dyes & leaving the image. The film is specially coated & moisture resistant for constant use with dyes. It produces high quality detailed images.

Solarfast Thickener - is used to thicken the dyes for better control of screen printing applications.

Solarfast Wash - is used to remove undeveloped dye from paper or fabric. Move the print away from the light source, before removing the negative. If machine washing fabric, use 2-3 capfuls in the hottest possible cycle. For hand washing paper or fabric, submerge in the hottest possible tap water & add 1-2 capfuls, keeping the water running for 10 minutes.

Jacquard Cyanotype Set - makes cyanotype printing easy. Just add water to the pre-measured contents, then mix the two in equal amounts to create the Cyanotype sensitizer. Now you are ready to coat fabric or paper to create photographic blueprints. The set makes approximately 65 x 28cm x 21cm prints on paper or 50 x 28cm x 21cm prints on fabric. The set includes Part 1 - Potassium Ferricyanide, Part 2 - Ferric Ammonium Citrate and instructions.

Lascaux - Light Sensitive Mediums

Lascaux Tusche Soft Ground Effect is a ready to use, water soluble painting material for creating positives which can be used with water based screen printing, acrylic resist etching, solar plate & traditional techniques. This is a slow drying viscous tusche allowing impressions of leaves, feathers, & collage. When diluted, it dries to create a granular wash effect. Dry marks can be re-wetted & altered.

Lascaux Lift Solution can be used as a lift in acrylic resist etching and with Lascaux Tusche for making positives.

Lascaux Tusche Diluting Liquid alters the handling properties or creates delicate washes on positives.