Modelling - polymer, air drying & re-usable clays,

Casting & Moulding - Plaster, Resin, Alginate, Silicon, Latex & Mould Release.


Modelling Tools - Carving, modelling & clean-up tools.

See the bottom of this page for detailed information on the different mediums.

About Modelling Clays


56 g Fimo Soft - Made from PVC with plasticizer for flexibility, a china filler for texture & colouring. Make you object & bake in an oven for 30 minutes at 130 degrees Celsius. Do not use in Microwaves.

Fimo Mediums

Fimo Clay Softener - A kneading aid for mixing into Fimo clays to correct them when firm, crumbly or hard. It also increases flexibility of cured Fimo. Only add as much as necessary - use approximately 1/3rd volume to Fimo clay.

Fimo Gloss Varnish, Water Based, 35 ml - Glossy, scratch resistant, odourless & transparent after drying. Touch dry after 20 minutes & completely dry after 24 hours.

Fimo Semi-gloss Varnish, Water Based, 35 ml - Semi-gloss adds a silky sheen to your object. Odourless & dries transparent. Touch dry in 20 minutes & completely dry in 24 hours.

Fimo Liquid Deco Gel - Transparent & extremely flexible decorating gel. Can be mixed with oil paints & paint powders. It has many uses such as for transfering images from copies & drawings, grouting or giving a protective coating.

Das Modelling Clay - An air hardening, non-toxic, gluten free modelling clay which can be sanded, drilled, carved, painted & varnished once dry. 

Air Drying Clay - Objects modelled in this clay harden without firing to a rich red colour. This ready to use clay can be shaped by hand or thrown on a wheel, then painted once dry. Not for outdoor use.

454 g Super Sculpey - Non-toxic medium composed of polymers, resins, colouring agents & fillers. It is soft & pliable requiring little or no kneading. It produces highly detailed results & can be tooled, rolled out, cut, extruded or formed over armature. Bake in a domestic oven on a glass ovenproof surface at 130 Celsius (or 275 F). When cool, it is hard with a smooth mat finish. It can now be sanded, drilled, polished, painted or varnished. Uses include miniatures, figurines, sculptures, & jewellery. It can also simulate porcelain, wood & stone.

Gedeo Modelling Paste, 500 grams - A wax based paste that is infinitely reusable. It can also be used to take imprints of objects to be cast in plaster.

About Plaster, Resin, Alginate, Latex & Silicon

Gedeo Precision or Hard Plaster, 1 kg - This plaster offers accuracy & superior strength. It has a courser porous grain that is easy to paint.

Gedeo Resin Plaster, 1 kg - Top quality plaster which has exceptional strength after drying similar to polyester resins. Specially formulated for for fine detailed work.

Gedeo Restoration Plaster, 750 grams - Technical plaster which is very thick & sticky, does not run & adheres to most surfaces. Used together with siligum, it is ideal for restoring frames & mouldings.

Plaster Bandages, 100mm x 4.6 meters - Simply wet the bandage before application. Can be cut into smaller pieces.

Alginate Impression Material, 450 grams - Dental alginate is a skin safe material for  taking highly detailed impressions of hands, body parts, feet Etc. It has a 2 minute set time when used with 23 degree water. The chromatic phase indicator allows you to visually control the working phases through 4 colour changes. Low dust, lead & cadmium free, easy to mix.

Gedeo Moulding Alginate, 500 grams - A natural seaweed-based powder suitable for moulding complete items & parts of the body.

Gedeo Latex - A concentrated formula based on natural rubber that is used to mould simple to complex shapes.

Gedeo Crystal Resin is a perfect imitation of glass paste. It will encapsulate items up to 5 cm thick.

BQUEEN Resin is the easiest resin for making jewellery. It sets within 15 to 20 minutes. It is a transparent champagne colour which is easily dyed with pigments. It is best for smaller pieces (under 100 ml volume) as the work time (normally 2 minutes) is reduced as the volume of resin is increased.

Epoxy Casting Resin is a general purpose system for curing at room temperature.It has low initial viscosity, good thermal stability at 20 degrees celsius to 70 degrees celsius.

Easycast White Resin sets white in colour. It is extremely fast setting making it perfect for moulds especially silicon. Mix equal parts & pour into the mould. Setting in 5 minutes. It is ideal for jewellery & model making.

Pinkysil Pouring Silicon Kit is a two part, addition curing, low viscosity silicone  designed for taking very fast impressions.  It is ideal for fast set moulds, where a free flowing product is needed. Pink in colour with a Shore A hardness.

Pinkysil Putty is a two part putty in a 1:1 ratio. It is a kneadable putty that cures at room temperature using a colour change indicator for mixing & extremely fast curing. Ideal for model & doll making & the SFX industry, or whenever fast turnaround from concept model to final cast is needed.

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