Schmincke - Mussini Oils

Mussini Oils are clean & vivid - many of their colours are unique. The natural resin odours are appealing & the drying process is balanced & even, guaranteeing longevity of the painting. The addition of resins increases luminosity & depth of colour. The resins (Damar) are based on old master's formulations. 

Note from Debra about Schmincke Oils - I have chosen Mussini Oils range because it is the highest quality resin oils that Schmincke sells. Mussini Oils have the highest possible light-fastness & density of pigment in pure form in 112 colours. The Norma Pro Range is the medium quality grade. It offers 84 colours also at maximum light-fastness, but with less density of pigment & they will yellow to a small degree. The Academy & College Oil Ranges are the lowest quality. If you want Norma Pro Oils I can get them.

Mussini Wood Box Set - 9 colours x 35 ml + W Gel - $230.25

To buy W Gel on its own go to MORE Mediums

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