Water Based Printmaking

SEE Water Based PrintingDerivan / Matisse - for Matisse Print Paste which can be mixed with Matisse Acrylic Structure Formula in a ratio of 1:1 to make screen printing inks in brilliant colours. The print paste slows down drying & extends the ink.

Schmincke Linoprint Inks 

Schmincke Lino Print Inks are water based & contain natural binders such as Gum Arabic with organic & inorganic pigments. They are easy to apply due to their optimum open time & result in even, sharp prints that are wipe-resistant after approx. 15 minutes. All colours are lightfast. Due to its fluid consistency, this ink can be applied to paper, felt & cardboard . It is also suitable for wood engraving. 

Schmincke Lino Pearl Medium - produces pearlescent effects that are more pronounced with the transparency & darkness of the background. Use pure for the strongest effect. Mixing ratio is 1 part medium to 9 parts ink.

Schmincke Lino Glaze Extender - is rich in binder for mixing with inks for extending, increasing transparency or glazing. Mixing ratio is 1 part medium to 5 parts ink. The effect is stronger with the amount of medium & the darkness of the ink colour.

Schmincke Lino Gloss Medium - is rich in binder, increases gloss & transparency. Use pure for maximum effect. Mixing ratio is 1 part medium to 3 parts ink.