Schmincke - Horadam Gouache

Horadam Gouache has excellent flow and levelling ability and dries to an opaque velvet, pastel-like finish. They can be re-wetted, and also used with watercolours to give two surface effects of opaque and transparent.

Gouache Mediums

SEE Schmincke Watercolour Mediums to purchase the following mediums -

Schmincke Aqua Primer - Provides an even surface for watercolour & gouache painting. Apply at least 3 layers & start painting once it is dry.

Schmincke Watercolour Ground Transparent - Is a transparent primer that can be over-painted or tinted beforehand with gouache colours.

Schmincke Gum Arabic - Is a natural wetting agent for watercolours & gouache which improves flow.Use sparingly.

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