Stock Supplies and Returns


If a Product is Unavailable

Because we are a 100% online shop, we dont hold stock and we dont have access to our distributor's inventory.

If a product is unavailable at the time you place and pay for your order, it will not be placed on back order. Your bank account will be refunded the cost of the item and a notification will appear on your receipt. The refund may take 3-7 days to arrive in your account.

Please call us if you want us to track down the product, re-order it or get an ETA. A lot of our products come from overseas, and with the Corona virus situation, there may be some stock challenges.

Returns Policy

Don’t worry. If you are not happy with a product, and you need to return it, we will make it as easy as possible.

Faulty product returns are offered for 30 days after delivery.  

We will refund the cost of the product onto your card and we will pay for our courier to pick up the item and receipt. 

The refund money will be credited onto your card and we will send you a confirmation email. Refunds may take 3-5 working days to arrive in your account. 

Please keep your receipts because it makes it so much easier to find the unique code number to identify the item, its maker, size and colour, etc. Then I can contact the manufacturer or distributor. 

If you don’t have the receipt, please supply proof of purchase.

The product must be in the same condition as you received it.

Please keep the original packaging if possible. 

Please fill out a Returns Form. See below.

If the item is under 25kg in weight it will be collected by a regular courier.

If the product is over 25kg, it may take a little longer as I will need a heavy freight carrier to collect it.


Step 1/ Fill out the Returns Form. See below. We will contact you soon OR you can contact Debra Liel-Brown directly on 02 4987 7947 or 


Step 2/ A courier will collect the product, your contact details, receipt or proof of purchase, the product and original packaging if possible.



Request for a Product Return

Send in this form to get the process started.


What personal information is collected and by whom?

Art Studio Supplies Online collects your name, contact details, delivery address and your purchase order. Art Studio Supplies Online has no access to your card or banking details.

What about card information?


All Card information is held by two secure payment platforms – PayPal and Square – which ever you choose to use for payment.

This shop is supported by the Wix Ecommerce Platform. Wix collects information that is personal as well as your site usage, internet provider, operating system, ‘click’ activity and browsing etc. Wix collects other info about you from other sources such as security + fraud detection providers.

Why is information collected?


The reason your information is collected is to make your shopping experience smoother and faster from the second visit onwards and give you secure protection of your card information. Your information allows Wix to offer technical help, customer assistance, monitor & improve performance and to comply with the law. 

Our main Freight Courier is Fastway. They collect your name and address for delivery. 

What about Cookies?


Art Studio Supplies is hosted on the Wix Platform which uses Cookies.

Cookies allow Wix to perform its basic functions such as recognize you, which makes it more user-friendly. Cookies protect you in the secure and private areas of the shop. Cookies identify errors and provide security and fraud protection.


For your convenience, we provide Links to other businesses that offer art materials that are not supplied by us. We do not pass on your information to them. We are not responsible for their Terms and Conditions – Please read them.

Will I be sent Marketing emails?

No. You will not be sent advertising. 

We will never sell or give your info to a third party for the purposes of advertising to you, or for any reason apart from the essential running of the store with the parties mentioned above.

What if I have questions?


If you have any concerns about privacy, please contact us.

Please note, you will need to verify your identity. 


When you use this website, you agree to a binding contract between Art Studio Supplies Online and yourself.

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Freight and GST

A freight costs information page is provided here. As of 2020 Freight charges are based on an estimate of the average cost for each state.

GST is added at the checkout stage. 


Please see our privacy policy here.

Product Availability and Return

Please see details here.


Debra Liel-Brown


July 2020.