Photo Emulsions

Speedball - Diazo Photo Emulsion Kit produces sharp, high quality images. It contains a 7oz jar of Diazo photo emulsion & one bottle of sensitizer which mixes with water. It has a 3 year shelf life or less if mixed.

Speedball - Diazo  Sensitizer & Emulsion 2 Part System - is made up of Photo Emulsion #4579 to be mixed ONLY with Sensitiser #4578.

The bottle of sensitiser appears empty but actually contains a condensed paste that is mixed well with water. Mix the the sensitiser & emulsion solutions very thoroughly. The mixed solution coats the silk screen in a light sensitive barrier that creates highly detailed images of fine line drawings, commercial lettering or photographic half-tone positives.

It can be used with water or solvent based inks BUT may only be used on polyester silk screen fabrics. Diazo Photo Emulsion has a 3 year shelf life if unmixed & 4 months mixed if refrigerated. It is recommended to use the full 59ml sensitiser with the full 770ml of emulsion.

Kiwicol Photo Emulsion & Sensitiser - Kiwocol 224 WR is a photo emulsion that has been formulated for use with water based & plastisol inks. It provides very good resolution & resistance. Expose with ultra-violet light at wavelength 350-420mm. A metal halide lamp provides the best results. Mesh must be degreased & be free of dirt, dust, ghost images & ink residue. Rinse screen thoroughly to remove excess degreaser. 1 or 2 coats on the substrate side fills the mesh openings. Finish with wet-on-wet coats on squeegee side to build up emulsion to desired thickness. The sensitizer comes in the box with the emulsion.

Kiwo Pregasol Stencil Stripper - is a ready to use emulsion reclaimer liquid for decoating of polymer based direct emulsions & capillary films such as Kiwocol sensitised emulsions. Apply the Pregasol with a soft clean brush evenly on both sides of the wet screen after the screen has been carefully cleaned of ink. Rub the screen gently to dissolve the emulsion & remove ghost images, dust, dirt & ink residue.