Oil Based Mediums, Primer & Varnish

Tip from Debra - Art Spectrum Mediums are the best value for money as they are 100% Australian made & owned. They are also half the price of Winsor & Newton & Schmincke for the same quality.

OTHER Mediums -

Schmincke Medium W which turns traditional oil paints into water mixable oils.

Dry Mediums  - Marble dust (for texture, impasto & filling), whiting, kaolin (clay filler), talc (filler - soapstone), shellac, paraffin (petroleum product that gives greater plasticity), damar crystals, beeswax (cold for textures & hot for encaustic painting) & rabbit skin glue. Calcium carbonate, chalk, whiting, marble dust & limestone have the same chemical composition & differ only in their crystalline structure, density or purity.

Krylon Gesso Spray - An oil based gesso in an aerosol spray can that gives a very smooth painting surface.


SEE Water Based Paints for Art Spectrum Colourfix Pastel Primers and Matisse Background Paints for coloured primers which are suitable for oil paintings & pastels.

NB - Always use mediums sparingly. Old mediums can become ineffective - buy according to your needs to maintain freshness.

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