Liners, Riggers, Daggers & Stripers - Synthetic

Synthetic Liners, Riggers, Daggers and Strippers for fine detailing and precision - Art Studio Supplies

Sizes shown from the smallest at 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 up to largest at 1/2. 

An economical brush ideal for striping & fine line work. Short handle.

Golden Nylon Rigger - Online Art Supplies

Sizes shown from smallest #10/0 up to largest #6


This rigger gives long sweeping lines, control & precision. The fibres have good colour holding capacity and spring to achieve fine lines for detail or larger work. Short handle.


Sizes shown from the smallest #5/0 up to largest #20/0.

The finest synthetic fibre ideal for very fine detailing & miniatures. Short handle for a good grip. 

Liners, Riggers, Daggers & Stripers - Natural Hair

Squirrel Hair Dagger Brush - Art Materials
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Sizes shown from smallest #0 up to largest #4.

A high quality Japanese brush that comes to a needle point when wet holding a large amount of colour. Excellent detail brush. Short handle for good control & grip.


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Sizes shown from smallest #5/0 up to largest #20/0.

Red sable hair brush with a sort handle for a good grip for fine detailing.