Lascaux & Speedball Mediums

Lascaux Screen Remover - For removing dried screen filler from acrylic resists, collagraphic media, tusches, acrylic paints, work surfaces, plates & tools.

Lascaux Screen Filler - A ready to use, non-toxic, water-soluble filler with excellent handling properties. It dries quickly to form waterproof stencils. It can be used alone or with screen painting fluid, to edit or stop out photo stencils. Durable & able to withstand long print runs.

Lascaux Screen Painting Fluid - Is easy to see in the mesh & dries quickly to form a water-soluble stencil that closes the mesh effectively. It will accept several coats of Screen filler without dissolving yet it is easy to remove. It can be used on an open mesh, a screen filler or photo stencil.

Lascaux Screen Printing Paste - Can be mixed with Matisse Acrylics as part of a 100% water based system. This paste also retards drying time.

Speedball Screen Drawing Fluid - should be applied with a brush, then the entire screen is covered with screen filler. When the screen filler is dry the drawing fluid can be washed out. Non toxic.

Speedball Transparent Extender Base - creates transparent colours in screen printing. Mix any quantity with water soluble inks.

Speedball Block Printing Ink Retarder - slows the drying time of inks so they can be worked for longer. 

Speedball Block Printing Ink Extender - thins inks to a more workable consistency & creates transparent colour.

Speedball Screen Cleaner - is a very effective cleaner with a slight odour.