Etching Grounds

D & S Bio Lac - is a superior replacement for Asphaltum & Plate Lacquers. It is an excellent hard ground for etching & can be brushed on as a stop out. Bio Lac makes durable lithographic images from drawing materials on stones & plates. It extends the image life on the press. It is not petroleum based.

Graphic Ball Grounds - Opaque + Transparent - Hard & Soft Formulas - are liquid grounds which are more easily applied & removed, eliminating the need for smoking plates. These grounds will not break down in the acid bath & they are remarkably free from chipping.

Charbonnel Lamour Soft Black Etching Ground - is a re-biting ground that is used to rework a plate that has not been etched enough by the acid. It protects the surface without flowing into the recesses. It gives etched lines more depth. It's makeup is Judea bitumen, mastic resin & wax. It dries slowly & remains workable for a long time. It is applied hot.

Charbonnel Black Ball Etching Ground - Hard & Soft Formulas - is made from Judea bitumen & wax which resists acid giving an opaque darkened colour. The ground is supple without scaling & has a mat finish.

Graphic Universal Etching Ground - Hard & Soft Formulas - is a liquid ground which is easily applied & removed, eliminating the need for smoking plates. It is relatively transparent leaving the subject in view. It will not break down in the acid bath. It is thinned with Naphtha - also known as Shellite which can be bought from Bunnings & Woolworths.

Ink Modifiers

D & S Biolac Solution - is a superior replacement for Lithotine, Mineral Spirits & numerous petroleum based solvents.

Graphic Etching Base - is a fairly opaque material for creating custom colours or modifying inks.

Graphic Easy Wipe - is essentially a tack reducer which does not affect the body, colour or lightfastness of an ink. Easy Wipe allows great ease in wiping the plate even with the stiffest of inks. It will modify block printing inks that are very tacky & inclined to stick. 

Gamblin Burnt Plate Oil - is used to lower the ink viscosity. It should be added sparingly as the detail of a print could be lost if the ink is too fluid. Burnt Plate Oil #000 (light) has less tack & matches well with Gamblin Relief Inks. Burnt Plate Oil #2 (heavy) is more tacky to use with Gamblin Etching Inks.

Gamblin Tack Reducer - is a gel made from a very light transparent drying oil making it compatible with both the Relief & Etching inks. Small amounts added to inks will reduce tack.

Gamblin Magnesium Carbonate - can be used to stiffen both etching & relief inks. It reduces an ink's gloss level. Once added to ink it becomes transparent.  Add small amounts at a time & mix well.

Gamblin Gamsol - is an excellent solvent for thinning Gamblin Mediums & for general Painting including studio & brush cleanup. Flashpoint 300 degrees F. Gamsol is 100% pure odourless mineral spirits. It is less toxic because the harmful aromatic solvent has been removed.

Crayons, Pencils, Tusches

Graphic - Stones Lithography Rubbing Crayon - is formulated to smear & smudge in smoky tones. Available in soft, medium & hard.

Graphic - Stones Lithography Crayons - 1/2 inch diameter. These crayons sharpen easily & perform well for very delicate to general working. No 1 is the softest to No 7 the hardest.

Stones Lithography Crayon Set - contains 1/4 inch crayons in numbers 1, 3 & 5, crayon holder, tablet crayon, rubbing crayon, deletion bone & sharpener.

Korns Lithographic Pencils - Korns pencils are ideal for lighter, finer details. No 1 is the softest up to No 5 the hardest.

Graphic - Stones Lithography Tusche - comes in stick, paste & liquid forms. Stick Tusche needs to be dissolved to a workable consistency before use. Then it is used the same as regular lithography inks. The paste form is known for its ease in mixing & the variety of tones it produces. The liquid form is perfect for both lithography & silk screen. It can be applied by brush, pen, airbrushing etc. It produces rich tones & dark lines.