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'Myall River' by Debra Liel-Brown

130 cm x 48 cm, acrylics on paper,

Original painting sold, Giclee prints available - unframed, in a roll $850.00 delivered by courier.

About - Artist Biography, Influences, Practices & CV

                    I'm going to be honest. I've put down my brushes for a while, maybe a long while & I'm quite happy about it. My paintings do sell, but the money is so unpredictable & its a stressful way to live. The idea of this shop began 2 years ago, because each week, as my husband & I went grocery shopping, he paid for everything. I found this embarrassing & it felt unfair to him. The decision to keep plugging away at an art career or walk away from it, is such a catch 22, because I've worked at it for a lifetime. I'm a one trick pony.......I can paint but apart from that I'm useless, except I know a lot of technical information, techniques etc, which sent me down the path of opening an art shop. 

                    I've been a professional artist since 1986 with over 60 exhibitions & supposed 'success'. Then I had 2 large exhibitions over 2 years that bankrupted me & a period of 18 months with no sales. I haven't recovered financially since, even though I've had some good sales. Artists often have bankruptcy as a hovering possibility. 

                    I have a special interest with this shop, which is rural based artists like myself, who have gone bush. For 10 years I have been frustrated with the art shops in this area because they stopped stocking the basic materials that used to be commonly available & turned their focus to kids art & craft. I could no longer get the basics such as larger sizes of painting & drawing surfaces - sizes large enough to have impact in big exhibition spaces. If you live in the city you don't have this problem. So, I only sell exhibition quality products - so you don't have to hunt through miles of kids & student quality products.

                   My prices on everything are cheaper, all the time, so I won't be having sales or specials. You can order your art supplies & stay in your studio, in a blissful state of 'epiderma chromata' (covered in paint), & they will be delivered to your door. To get the best value for money, spend over $200.00 to get the cheapest shipping rate. I had little choice in courier companies as most won't deliver to out of the way country areas. I use Fastway - now called Amarex.             

                    My online shop is different because my main focus has been on making your experience as pleasant as possible - within the rigid capabilities that online shops offer. You can view entire colour charts & buy multiple colours on one page. Being able to see the entire colour chart, allows us artists to compare the nuances between colours.  It has taken 2 years of work to get this simple but revolutionary function to work, with the help of a specialist code writing team. I don't know about you, but I find it irritating, being sent off to one or more pages, when I click on something to buy it. I also find most online shops have visual designs & distracting ads that are painful & overwhelming. Perhaps I'm an overly sensitive wanker.

                    I've worked alone in my studio my whole life & it was great, but it was also lonely & isolating. Now, I'm having a coming out of sorts. I'm looking forward to more involvement in the arts community with my kindred spirits, painters, doodlers & builders of art. I'm not painting anymore but I am still selling the remaining originals & my limited edition Giclee prints.

                    XXX Debra

Debra Liel-Brown 'Under the Boardwalk' 1


'Under the Boardwalk' by Debra Liel-Brown

122 cm x 48 cm, acrylics on paper,

Original painting sold, Giclee prints available - unframed, in a roll $850.00 delivered by courier.